Thursday, January 7, 2010

Loose Change 9/11

Probably the best documentary ever made. I would highly recomend that everyone watches it. The truth about what really happened on September 11, 2001 is finally coming out. There are 2 documentaries that you need to see "Loose Change 2nd Edition" and "Loose Change: An American Coup". You will never see things the same again.

Other documentaries of similar style, exposing the ACs, are:
-and one of of the most important "Creation Science" by Dr Kent Hovind.
If you can't buy'm, download'm! Torrents rule!

"It can be useful for the Family to watch a documentary like this in order for My children to avoid being duped by the media, though in general the Family already mistrusts the media far more than the average person does. This is something that has been instilled in you by your Father David, and although there are some in the Family who have rebelled against that or are simply dulled to the media, they are in the minority." -Jesus, END 80

Thursday, October 15, 2009

The 5 hottest Family singers contest/poll or whatever you wanna call it.

1 Benedicte Verger Ross
2 Agnes Verger
3 Niki Rudow
4 Crytal Lily Begley
5 Haven Sutton

OK, I'm gonna post who I think are the five HOTTEST Family singers (that means girls by the way).
But WAIT -I decided I need YOUR help to decide WHO gets the billing. So, write in the comment box who YOU think are the five hottest female Family singers & influence my decision. Do it NOW -tomorrow may be TOO LATE!

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

LET THE DEAD............bury thier dead.

Total awesomeness. The 1st ever Family heavy metal band that actually performs together!

Monday, July 27, 2009

Deep Thought

"What makes a man?"
-A woman!

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Metal Matters

(I wrote this in reply to a topic on Jayman's blog, & I thought to re-post it here.)

To me, metal is an extreme. It is the top of the totem poll as far as rock style music can get. I have very wide musical tastes & can listen to just about anything (well….there’s a few styles that I can’t listen to but I’ll ignore them), but right now i am fully caught up in the metal era. I think it is one of those extra things that is needed to fullfill the tastes of all members. We need to have an alternative to every style/genre of system music that we can, so that we can keep our young people/teens off of the junk out there.
Metal gives me a sort of electric shock. It is very emotion-drenched style of music. The whole screaming/wild drums & guitar thing just pulls you to a feeling of extreme power & feeling & emotion. Dad says that music should make you mad, sad, or glad, and metal takes these to new hights.
You’re mad at the devil & the system? Don’t wisper it nicely & politely, SCREAM IT at them! You’re glad to be a child of God, winning the world for him? Don’t secretly tell the person next to you, SCREAM IT on the rooftops! You’re sad that someone you love left the Lord’s service? Don’t mope in your room, SCREAM IT to the Lord.
And that’s all I have to say about metal. Cheers

Friday, March 27, 2009

Vote For Metanoya!

Follow that link & vote for The Metanoya to play at large music festival. Only one out of five bands will win. A vote for Metanoya is a vote for Christ!

Thursday, March 26, 2009

The FTTs & Me -Part 3

Continued from Part 2

FTT 11 –Shangri-La.
The first song on this album is arguably the best one. Godfrey once again gave us a glimpse of the rock he would produce in later years with his hit song “Radical Teens”. The driving rock on that song was a new step towards the unconventional, and it drove our parents mad, ha. “Here in Shangri-La” took us to Shangri-La in spirit with Sunny’s vocals & Makoto’s guitar. It also was purported to be the first ever song with all the real instruments recorded –as in real drums rather than a drum machine & real bass rather than a synthesizer. Of course, this album would not be worth mentioning with paying tribute to the smashing number “Outlaw”, which once again gave David Hungarian a snug place as one of the guitar greats. This album was released soon after the Go for the Gold letter & the Law of Love series was printed, and as such there were two very fine songs on those subjects: “Touch From Heaven” & “He’s Made Us A Family” were beautiful numbers which increased the popularity of Francesco & Hopie. Then there was the African-flavored number “Wake With the Morning Sun” which many people bounced to. Asante Sana, A Squished Banana, dudes.

FTT 12 –In The House.
I will go to heads with anybody who does not agree that this tape was THE finest FTT of the pre-CD era (which started with FTT 15). I generally rate favorite albums by the ratio of songs I like/songs I dislike, and in this album, the ratio is 12/1!!! It is nearly impossible to tell you in detail which songs I like from here, & also that would break my rules by naming them all as that would show which one I don’t like, which I won’t do. However, I must give credit to where credit is due & speak of the “greats”. I think the best song on this album would have to be “Love Our Way out of Here”. At the time of the 18th FTT, my brother & I tested the tapes to see which one had the longest straight lead break. Two songs made about even –both were played my Makoto, and one of them was this one! Hopie’s vocals also made a climax here & sealed the deal with me as my top female singer after Sylvia. Don’t you just love her scream at the end of the song? Her other great number here was “Living & Loving”, with more sweet guitar as well as some fine bass. There were 3 other songs that came right after this one and once again had lots of lead. The first was the awesome “World of Uncertainties”, with David Hungarian’s excellent work again. Would you believe it, but the first question I asked him was “How did you make your guitar sound like a horse neighing?” The next song was the beautiful “Always Here For You”& the third was the first song to be published that Makoto actually wrote; “You, My Precious Gift”, we were not disappointed. This tape was released right before on vacation we had and of course it played in the car all the way to the beach, ever time we drove around, and all the way home. And we still couldn't get enough of it! I still don’t get board of hearing it. In fact, I need to go hear it again.

FTT 13 –March On Strong.
I remember lots of female teens & YAs flipping over this tape due to the fact that good ol’ Chris Konen had a whopping three songs to hear. Those would be the excellent remix of “Give a Little”, as well as 2 great LJ songs “Take Me Now” & “I Believe in You”. As for me, the only song I remember loving at its release was “Do or Die Life”, which broke new ground in the Rap genre. Later on, I was awed by the guitar on “On Line”, and I rather enjoyed the uniqueness of “So What” & “Anticipation”. Of course Sylvia’s “Love Constraineth Me” & Hopie’s “A Love That Is Real” were beautiful & moving and well loved by me.

FTT 14 –Rhythm & Grooves.
This was the first ever all-dance album and it took the dance nights by storm. I remember when my Jett overseer brought in the tape after devotions & gave us a listen. I recall that my first thought was that I was VERY displeased with the remixes of songs I liked before –especially when the originals were rock songs. However, there were several original numbers that were very fine! Sylvia’s “Rhythm of Your Heart” was a killer! And Francesco’s “Acreditar” made me think that Portuguese songs weren’t all that bad, ha. “Cool Breeze” was an interesting song, and I seriously liked the rock sound that it had. To top it off were the two final numbers, Hopie’s “Lord Gave to Me” (which is infinitely better than the original Simon Black version from the OFM) & “All The Love”, a very cute sounding LJ song. This was the first tape that started the “Black Tape Era”, where instead of a sticker with the title & song names on it, they instead printed the text directly on a black tape with white ink. Consequently, those tapes tend to have no more text on them as it all rubs off. The tapes in this era were FTT’s 14 & 15, NF’s 1 & 2, DC 3 Eagle Bleeds, and the finest Christmas tape ever produced by TFI, Little Drummer Boy.

FTT 15 –Heartbeat.
This album was a climactic change in the Family Music scene. Why? Because it was both the last FTT ever published on tape, & the first ever published on CD! I remember when the entire home gathered together to listen to this CD all the way through. There was swaying, head banging, cheering, clapping, rapping & rocking. “Heaven Send the Rain” was a great continuation of the original techno numbers of the last FTT. “Holy Commission” was a unique Irish-flavored song with Hopie’s fine vocals. “Make It Happen” was….well….a review of all the famous personas of the time, including a billion dollar tyrannosaurus. I spent many hours carefully learning the rap portions of this song til I knew that there was no use pressing Heffner’s girls, trying to ‘Hustle’ Larry, or get help from Wacko Jacko or his dancing. “Wild Cats” was the next song and THAT was totally awesome! Driving rock, first roars in Family music (the Lions, ha ha), and some serious lead! Of course, the best song ever on this album was Hopie’s “Million Voices”, which tied with “Love Our Way Outta Here” for the longest (and coolest) lead break in Family music! “Piece of Heaven” was a very nice rock love song that is still one of the better break-up songs in the Fam. The CD ended on the right note with the driving remix of the old song “Keep From Dancing” (which combined the finest male vocalists in Japan all together in one song –Chris, Jeff, & Francesco), and the beautiful witnessing song “Heartbeat”. We knew Family music had made another jump & Heaven was just a heartbeat away!

To Be Continued……………

Monday, March 23, 2009

The FTTs & Me -Part 2

Continued from Part 1

FTT 06 -Stir It Up.
No, this tape had nothing whatsoever to do with stirring any kind of cream soup -and a good thing too or I would have burned it! I remember the fine day one a my teachers brought this new fangled tape it to play it to us OCs. (Yeah, thank you Gabe.) I remember that all my fellows loved "Charlie" from the start, while me with my very refined music tastes gave my love to "Doublespeak". That is still (after 13 years) my favorite song on the album. In fact, for any of you who like to hear guitar instrumentals I would highly recommend downloading the BMT from the MO site & giving it a listen. It's awesome. I remember liking very few songs on this tape, as they all seemed either slow with little or no rock guitar, or Latin, which I never really enjoyed. Of course, "Charlie" was & is a great number -and only the original (frowns down the remixes which removed Makoto's lead break)! "Uncharted Seas" was very well done, as was "Instrument of Your Peace". Originally I really liked "Set Me Free", though I have since grown tired of 'approaching level six security zone'.

FTT 07 -Bold & Brave.
This tape was oft heard playing by some new listener, but i didn't get the chance to hear it for myself for about 2 weeks after it was released. My teacher (the mother of the man who gave us Stir It Up) though it wasn't for my age -til my Dad cleared it up (Txs). Then one fine & sweaty cleanup day I got the full dose, back to back with another new release DC's Dropped Out. The only song I remember from that first hearing was "When Will the War Be Ended", a song I disliked until the pictures (music video) came into my imagination. Of course, the song that was the hit with my guitar busting brother & I was "Spend Time", which was all the more helped later seeing Makoto himself playing it at the 1998 India Concerts. Awesome! "Essence of Life" was swallowed by all young females with the urge to dance. (And you can see THAT on the selfsame India Concert) This tape also came out around the time Family Fun 16 came out -yes the one where Chris Konen made his debut & performed his way into the hearts of the entire Family teen girl population on the first ever real Family music video! What many didn't know was that his debut actually came with a song on FTT 07 called "The King's Return", which also had some sweet guitar by his brother Jeff. Another song which passed me by due to total lack of knowledge of the reason behind it's writing was "Jesse's Song", written by Jesse of the Austin Accident, which I still know next to nothing about. Now I hear that song & realise in it's quiet way it was a preceding to the rock era that was coming to the Family -listen closely & you'll see.

FTT 08 -Breaking Down The Walls.
I got this tape on a pre-release recording that was played during a home activity. I remember the first song "Breaking Down the Walls" was totally awesome! I also remember my parents hating it (my Dad still does). Then this tape was lost to me for years, as I think we only had one copy as a home. The next time I heard it was a year or two later, and I started catching some of teh greats in it. I had favorites like "He'll Help You Hold On", "As Time Goes By", "Know The Power"(guys, there is some SERIOUSLY good guitar playing in the background at the end if you listen closely -including the first ever tapping), & "Want Every Bit of Your Love". For some time this became my favorite pre-CD era FTT. I still really, really love it. And now I have added "When I'm Loving You" (a great Haven LJ song), "Child of Weakness", & "Close Your Eyes" to my list.

FTT 09 -Destined
I don't recall exactly when this album was released, but I do remember it being the most played FTT I have ever heard, possibly because there seemed to be a lot of cleanup days at the time. I recall that I didn't think much of this tape, and would have rather heard more of the last one or the other tape that was released around the same time (LJ 02 -Desiring You). Of course, times change & people change, and soon I was in love with "The Upper Road", "You Will Always Care", & "His Love Is Worth It All". I still do not fully understand why just about everyone I knew, and many I didn't know, loved "Lady Maria". I didn't -until Rebellion of David made their kick-arse version! Later, when rediscovering the old tapes at 16, I added "Days of Preparation", & "Don't Put Down Your Crown" (Jeff Konen's debut) to my list. This was the tape that started me chasing Amiee -then called Hopie, as my top favorite female vocalist (since my 1st favorite Sylvia kinda slowed production).

FTT 10 -Heaven Is
This was another tape, like Breaking Down the Walls, where the first song was the beginning of the storm that was the tape. "Heaven Is" was just sexy! This tape also accomplished the deed of making my brother JP want to play guitar like David Hungarian, who he still gives the "thumbs up" too, and for a good reason! With the number "Consider the Poor" it was a guitar experience! (I really should make a music video of that! I have more than enough poor people clips from Cambodia.) Vas also kicked some heavy duty arse with his awesome songs "I Feel It" & "All I Wanna Be". But it was Makoto's guitar licks at the end of "Something Better" that were the rage with the me and JP. I also have a special love for "The Helmet" & "Angel's Wings", both gripping spiritual numbers. But, please never ever remind me that I once liked "X-Tasy". Oh dear!

To Be Continued...............

Saturday, March 21, 2009

The FTTs & Me -Part 1

Now, I know, in all likelihood no one actually reads this blog, or goes on it, or anything -but just in case somebody does stumble upon it at some point, I thought they might be interested to know about my musical journey that made me into the Family Music freak I am today. I'll be going through all the officially released albums (FTT/TCD, LJ, NF, DC, MB etc), telling a little about my first impressions of them when they were released and how I view them now. Hope you enjoy -let the finger-pointing-while-laughing begin!

FTT 01 -Hearts Aflame.
I remember when this was released it was the first modern, produced by young people tape that had come since the DC album "Back on Track". Naturally it took the young people by storm. But sadly, it didn't take me. Actually I hated this album for years. No, not because the songs were bad -but because of the music videos that were released around the same time. What happened was that on happy Family Day, we went hiking in the mountains & then we swam in a man-made reservoir to cool off. I was 7 or 8 years old and I couldn't swim! The consequence was that I nearly drowned because of the steep slope of the reservoir. If my older brother hadn't stopped playing with his buddies and rescued me at the last minute I would not be here today (Thank you Petrus!) After that, we went home & lo & behold, Burn Free 2 was to be played for the home that night. Problem? Yep, watch it! Almost every song had some part filmed by the sea or a large body of water. (The Wave!!) AAAAAAAGGGGGHHHH. Not what I wanted to see after nearly filling my lungs with the liquid! Hence I couldn't hear that tape with drowning coming back to haunt me! I only started liking that tape after about the age of 16, when I started broadening my musical tastes & thinking music videos in earnest. Nowadays, "The Wave" is a song I like quite a lot. There are now several songs I think are/were pretty good on that original FTT. Songs like "Hearts Aflame", "The Antenna", "God's Explosions" & "If I Never Saw Your Face." I still don't like Burn Free 2, bad memories (not to mentions hairdos), ha.

FTT 02 -Flying High.
I remember hearing a conversation between my Dad & a VS about the new tapes. The VS was telling Dad that there were 2 new ones (Flying High & Hot or Cold) that he would like to play for the home. He did, but I wasn't invited. (too young) I remember that my Mom bought a copy of this tape for my big brother, and that I was envious of his "personal"copy. I later found out that he didn't like the FTT, ha. I remember liking this one a lot -especially "Psychic Waste" & "Johnny's Shoes". I am also irritated to remember that certain a female teenager (Yes, if you're reading this Stephanie, I'm talking about YOU) would play "Run to You" over, & over, & over again! Nowadays, the only songs I really like from that album are "Heaven Beyond Tomorrow"& "Flying High".

FTT 03 -Hot or Cold.
I have little memory of this tape at its release, besides the song the album is named after, as I think it may have been more of a "headphones tape". Though i do remember hearing a LOT of the old-style RAP songs, which drove the FGA's nuts! A year or two later, my brother JP & I and two other friends all got really into music -we wanted to start a BAND! (Yeah, a group 9-12 year olds! Whoohoo) The guitar works on this tape -especially the still-awesome songs of "Safe in the Arms", "All Hail to the Queen, & "Win the World Together" were often played by my aspiring guitarist brother. Now I add "The Cathars" to that list of great songs from this album.

FTT 04 -Plugged In.
Yep, and the first song on that tape "Tap Into The Power", was memorised & sung by all young OC & Jett rappers. "They Got The Money" was an immediate hit, and still is a very awesome song! At it's release, I was a big fan of "Space City Park" especially the treat-with-the-girls part. Times change, ha. Both of Sylvia's songs ("Jesus, Loving Jesus" & "A Hug & Touch") were always deeply loved by me. And this album would not be complete with out the eternal, all-time hit, first Francesco number "Til the End of Time"! Embarrassingly enough, JP & I actually recorded our own version of that song. Him playing guitar (Did I mention he wanted to be Makoto Nobuka?) & me singing -with all the correct vocal intonations, yet TOTALLY off-key! I pray that recording is at the bottom of the ocean or destroyed by atomic weapons! "Mystery Babylon" & "Your Love Takes Me Higher" are now also loved by me.

FTT 05 -In It Together.
Revolution for Jesus & Godfrey's 1st song! Forever a hit & forever hated by the adults, ha! Once again, Sylvia sang her way into my heart & made me love her. There weren't/aren't too many other ones that I particularly love from there except "When Heaven's on My Mind", though there are quite a few others that I do like. I do not remember the release of this tape at all.

To Be Continued...........

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

"Bedlam" Is Back!

Spinoff from the band "NOMAD" located in Budapest, Hungary, "X-BEDLAM" presents a heavy message with the heavy music! David (Guitar) & Andy (Vocals), both Hungarian nationals team up with their old band friends to give the youth of Budapest a radical message wrapped in awesome music. With songs such as 'America the Whore' & 'Face of Distress', I believe this is going to go places!

Check out their myspace page for snippets of the songs:

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Metanoya Music Videos

They've hit the number 5 and it's still 5-star! Watch these awesome music videos by an awesome band! The Metanoya!

Levons Nos Verres

Despising The Shame

What Good...?

The Room

Feel Alive
Feel Alive--The Metanoya

Thursday, January 29, 2009

Forever Xtreme!

This is the song. The song that we were banned from having a copy of, for fear it would get out to those who hadn't attended the XD 2007. Well, as some ppl know, it did get out due to someone who had it, ha ha. But the good news is, it has been officially released for everyone's enjoyment! Yay!
For those of us who were there at the XD, the feeling of power that came when we heard this song was indescribable, as I'm sure many of my fellow XDers will tell you.
You want the song? You can have it!


Verse 1
It has begun
We are called to many places
All together now to come & face the sun
No longer young
Prepare to stand together
To get ready for forever
Let it be sung
The choice is done
Mediocrity disgusts me
From myself I wanna bust free
To kingdom come
Now I know more
Yes, No more afraid of trying
No more afraid of dying
I’m to the core!

Extreme I’ll be
No more time for what was me
I’m living for eternity
Jesus, I give you full sway
Make me stronger every day
Forever extreme!

Verse 2
I've tasted love
In its real and perfect form
Truly different from the norm
And I want more
Time to expose
With the shadows can no longer hide
With the evils of the system we will collide
So bring it on!
In the power of our lover
We wont cower under cover
Afraid of hell
Satan watch out!
Because we are coming at you
We swear that by the time we are through
You’re gonna yell

Extreme I’ll be
No more time for what was me
I’m living for eternity
Jesus, I give you full sway
Make me stronger every day
Forever extreme!

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

It's the LYRICS that count.....

144. (Jesus:) I will ask you a question: In the days of old, didn't I instruct My children to build a temple? Didn't I instruct My children to burn sacrifices to Me, to slaughter the beasts, to burn them? Wasn't it part of their worship and praise and atonement? And didn't the heathen also have temples and have sacrifice and have worship to their gods?
145. Though these actions, these motions, were similar, weren't they also different in spirit? For some worshipped Me, and the others worshipped false gods, gods that were not gods. Didn't priests of both do the same thing? Didn't My priests slaughter the beasts and offer them up to Me for My people, and didn't their priests slaughter the beasts and offer them up unto their gods? These things are very much the same, but some of it was Godly and the other was ungodly.
146. I make this parallel to show you that at times the action can be the same, but the spirit is not the same; that there can be two actions that look the same, but one will be unto God and the other unto Satan, the god of this world. So it is with this music, for when My children, My priests, play and sing unto Me, even if there is a similar sound to that music which worships the gods of this world, even though they seem and sound so similar, as the two temples seemed so similar, yet they are so different.
147. What made it different? They did the same actions, they went through the same motions. The difference was that My people worshipped Me, the true God. Because they obeyed Me and because their hearts were pure, these actions were actions unto God. So when My children play music unto Me with pure hearts, and they are My children who obey and listen to Me, then this music is as praise to Me.
148. But understand that there is a difference between the music that has a message in the words, and the music that is the message, that has no words. The music that has the message in the words is a vehicle for the message of the words. The music carries the message into the hearts and the minds of man. It is a powerful vehicle for delivering the message. With this vehicle, the vehicle is not so important because the message is contained in the words. When the words uplift Me and praise Me, when they bring forth My Message, this will be what is understood and received in the hearts and minds of men.
149. The music will take it there, and once there, it will go 'round and 'round. It will be heard over and over in the mind and in the heart, and it shall settle there, and what settles there is the words and the message and the simple tune. For when you think of any song, no matter what the vehicle, and you think about it in your mind and heart, you remember the words and the simple tune. The vehicle transported it there, but you don't always remember all the instruments, you simply remember the message and simple tune. So do not be afraid to send the message on an elaborate vehicle, on a vehicle that is acceptable and is welcome and is desired, for in the end, what is remembered is the message.
150. But the music without the words is the message and, as your David has said, some is Godly and some is not. If a Godly person plays music that is ungodly, the message of that music remains ungodly, for the music is the message. If an ungodly one plays music that is Godly, it remains Godly, for the music is the message.
151. Haven't I promised that I would pour out upon you the music that would reach the hearts of your young ones? Haven't I said that there is a multitude Here who wish to inspire this music and these words? It is Here! Spread the message that it is Here, and it will be given! If these will come before Me and cry out to Me, I will give it, that they may have all their needs supplied. I will give them music that will be for them and that will reach their hearts, that will encourage their souls, that will speak their thoughts, that will express their needs, that will explain their feelings and that will inspire them to serve Me, to come to Me and to march to the tune that I play for them, as they march towards the End!
152. Do not hold them back and do not be afraid, for they are My children, raised from their youth with My Words! If they will now seek Me, I will give them blessings, and I will bless them with the sounds of Heaven! (End of prophecy.)

153. Isn't it fascinating to see how the Lord answered our question? He drew that parallel between the temple sacrifices that His children made and the very similar ones that the Devil's children made. He said that though they seemed to be doing the same thing, that the Spirit was different. He said that two actions can look the same, but one can be good, because it is done as unto the Lord, and the other will be bad, because it is done unto Satan.
154. What He is saying in answer to our question is that, yes, we can produce music which sounds similar to the System! This is because we have Godly lyrics and are doing it as unto the Lord! The Godly message is the important thing, and the music is just a vehicle! Even if the music is somewhat on the wild side, if the message is solidly Family, and is Word or Word-based, it won't matter, as the music will simply be a vehicle to get the message into the hearts of the listeners.
155. On the other hand, He said that with instrumental music, the music itself is the message. It's like classical music which doesn't have words. Some of it is beautiful music inspired by God, and whether a Godly person or an ungodly person plays it, it will still remain Godly. In other words, the message of the music, even though it doesn't have words, will be Godly. If the music is ungodly, it doesn't matter who plays it, Godly or ungodly, because the message of the ungodly music is ungodly.
160. So you see, with music that doesn't have words, the music is the message, but with music that does have words, the words themselves are the message, so the music is less important. So, my dear young people, let's write songs that have the message of God, the message for the youth of today, the message for our Family youth as well. We want teen music for our teens! Can you do it? You can if you pray! The Lord says the songs are there for the asking; all you have to do is to tune in and receive them. Will you? The Lord says if you will, He will "supply all your need for music".
(New Music for a New Day! [#3022])

Saturday, January 10, 2009

The Band

Anyone wonder if Neo actually does anything regarding music besides just listening to it?? Now you'll know- I play drums in a band here in Cambodia. This year at Christmas we performed 6 concerts at different locations, and damn, it was fun! The members of the band are:

David Oresko: Vocals, Guitar
Lea Soldner: Vocals
Neo Soldner: Drums
James Soldner: Bass

Here are some clips of us playing in our band room/studio:




Thought you might enjoy that.

Wednesday, December 31, 2008

The Hall of Shame

I have, since the day I woke up & realized it, always loved music. And to be especially specific -I love Family music, music produced by Family members, however you wanna call it. I mean, why would I run this blog if I didn't, right?
However, I have also through the years noticed with slightly steaming ears, that many of my fellow brothers & sisters don't! Since the first Family recording, someone has always made a scene about it -from the "Bible Album" all the way til whatever the latest nerve twanger is. Someone has always complained about it. The usual is that its too heavy. Which in English translates as "to Radical for my poor little old bottle". And personally, I am sick of it!
I'm sick of ppl who never produced a song in their life trying to tell those who have how they can do it better!
I'm sick of no-doughs trying to inform producers of what is cool!
I'm sick of ppl griping about how Family music doesn't appeal to their taste or how their not producing the kind of music they personally like!
I'm sick of how they turn it around in the musicians face & tell them that they are copying such-&-such a system band.
I'm sick of ppl who listen to Christian system music all the time telling Family musicians that their music is brackish.
I'm sick of ppl who don't like a certain style trying to ban it or make the musicians who made it look bad or compromised or undedicated or whatever the excuse may be!
I'm also sick of the fact that I can't write eloquently or intellectually -but not so much cause I trust the Lord.
And sometimes I get so pissed off about it that I almost descend to their level and start using the kind of language that would lose you your case in a court of law. I want to point out something to you murmurers, complainers, gripers, & old bottles. Every musician the Family has every had will be remembered, both on earth & for eternity in Heaven. But you who profess to be wise (yet show yourselves as fools) who do nothing but backstab them -- well sorry sweethearts, if you're remembered at all it will be merely because of your dandy bad example. Other than that who the hell will ever hear of you? This subject has been discussed & argued since day 1 & every new album is put under the same set of muck. It is disgusting & abhorrent to hear such words being spoken by our brothers & sisters to our brothers & sisters. For God's sake if you're a disciple, act like one! If you're not, well, this probably isn't the blog you wanna hang out at. Here are some fine quotes that will probably make you laugh, till it settles in your brain that you're doing the same thing, and ppl will laugh at you in a few years time. (Note: some of these comments were retracted or were put at the top of a testimony to show how they changed. But unfortunately, they still said it) Behold, the music critics Hall of Shame:

About a year ago I got the chance to hear some of the new Endtime Scripture songs (in their still unfinalised form). When I first heard them, I was really shocked! They broke my bottle! From what I could recall, the last really beefed-up music that the Family had produced was music on the Scripture Song Tape "Break Out". But compared to the new Endtime Scripture songs, "Break Out" is very mild. At first the Endtime Scripture songs sounded very much like hard rock to me, & so I wondered if it was okay to even like these songs! It was the wildest Family music that I had ever heard! (Unknown –Hope of the Future)

Hip Hop Dancing is like demon possessed whirling dervishes. (Unknown –Hope of the Future)

Some of us who have listened to quite a bit of System music (including a relatively new disciple here, coming from a punk background), found it disturbing that some teen songs (on the FTTs) were almost identical in melody, music, and arrangements to System songs we considered of the Devil. I know that the Lord said that the words are the most important thing, but He also promised to give new hit melodies and arrangements. Maybe others feel that a bit, too. (Nina –The Grapevine)

When I first got copies of FTTs 5 and 6, I was really surprised with the style of some of the songs. My first reaction was, "What did they do to these songs?!" I think, though, if a majority of people don't like a certain style of music, maybe it would be a good idea to avoid this particular style. I am talking now about rap.The music from Hot Or Cold is very good, even the mild rap that was produced. But it's my personal feeling that the rap music on "Tap Into the Power" is too aggressive. If we could vote on kinds of music, I would vote against such kind of music. The song "Revolutionary Children of God" is difficult to understand. For me, the new version of this song is ruined. It was such a good song. I wish on any new remakes of old songs, our musicians would not put in such aggressive rap. (Steven –The Grapevine)

FTTs??? Excuse me when I say I'd rather listen to the sound of a constipated baby crying. The music that gets out to us in the form of "FTTs" is so wack, the style is so dated, not to mention less-than-original sounding, that it just plain doesn't appeal to you. I realize that a lot of work and effort goes into these "FTTs," but I honestly don't know why they bother. I can't remember the last time I listened to an FTT. Come to think of it, none of my friends can either. When I say that none of the teens I have met ever listen to FTTs personally and enjoy them, I truly mean NONE! I don't mean to say that I can do any better myself. Not at all, there are many talented people working on the Family tapes. I'm just saying that the style of the "Family Teen Tapes" is something that I've seen only my parents and young children enjoy. The Family makes excellent music for kids and adults alike. But we just haven't produced anything that young people want so far. It's just that "Family music" in its present state doesn't appeal to young people. I think that that statement is almost literally a proven and well-known fact! (Daniel –The Professionals)

Hmmmmmm. Sounds like stuff I've heard recently on a blog post by Amaranthine -minus the foul language of course. These are a bare scratch on the surface of the loads upon loads of such like comments all over the web. What really disgusts me is when ppl say a Family members singing sounds demonic (like the poor Bounty of Dragons guy). HELLO!?!?!?!? Sorry, but a Family member can scream good metal all they want and it still won't sound like a demon. Geez, which of you who said that have actually heard a demon scream?? I'll wager that it will sound like nothing that can even be created by humans. What bugs me is that a lot of the ppl who complain the most are the ones who listen to Family music the least. Sorry guys, but the Word says that its the lyrics that count not music or presentation. What's that? You can't understand the words when screamed? What the...? 50% of the Family (those who aren't living in Mexico or SA) can't understand even one word of those Spanish songs you are so keen on promoting. We should all throw those out right? Dear Lord, some ppl can have such double standards.
Look, why don't you go watch Bambi again, and listen carefully (try turning up the sound so you can understand it, or get a DVD with subtitles) to what Thumper says: "If you can't say something nice, don't say NOTHING at all!!!!!!!!! I don't care if you don't like metal or any other genre, you don't need to backstab the musicians who produce it. I hate country, I detest 90% of the Spanish music on the MO site, I hate jazz, I dislike slide guitar, I dislike most piano/orchestra instrumentals. Heck, I EVEN DISLIKE SEVERAL OF THE ARTISTS (of specific songs by them) THAT ARE PROMOTED ON THIS BLOG!!!! But I will NEVER post a line that says "This band sucks & should be banned." Never!
Grow up ppl! Learn to appreciate all the Lord has poured down on us! What if Mama decided one day that they were going to ban all system music (I would cheer for that!!) & all music not pubbed on the Mo site? What would you do? Cry? Throw a fit? Leave the Family? Send emails around dissing Mama? Or maybe you would then appreciate the work & sacrifice that those musicians who didn't make it to the MO site approvals have done over that last 8 years or so.

To close, I will post a very humorous story written in the Free Zine in 1996. Sadly, 12 years later, many have still not gotten the point of the tale.

A Musician, a Teen, & a Recording.
His palms were damp with perspiration. A bead of sweat rolled down his forehead and settled in his right eyebrow. The clock struck midnight as he looked across nervously at his roommate, to make sure he was sound asleep. After a minute and a half, he walked to the bathroom, more out of a need to make doubly sure his roommate was asleep than to relieve himself.
Upon his return to the room, noting the mild grin on his roommate's sleeping face, he felt sure it was now "safe" to proceed. He tip-toed across the room to a chest of drawers, opened the top one, put his arm in and pulled out the device. With the device and a few of its accessories in hand, he crept back to his bed. After making a few simple connections and replenishing its power supply, he proceeded to activate the device and operate it in his bed.
No, the paragraphs above are not part of a Cold-War spy thriller; rather they're a description of Bartothemule's pre-FTT era midnight escapades of listening to bootlegged music.
There are quite a few other tales from this era, including one of the time when Bart resorted to faking a sleep-walk in order to quell the suspicion of his roommate who stirred during one of the said operations.
In keeping with the Scriptural axiom that, "There is nothing covered that shall not be revealed; neither hid, that shall not be known," eventually Bart's late night extravaganzas came to light, when one morning his roommate had to get up early and accidentally stumbled over a copy of an album by "The Loaded Blanks" called Going Nowhere and Getting There Fast.
When Bart's shepherd, himself a studio musician, asked Bart -- somewhat sheepishly -- why he felt it necessary to listen to albums like Going Nowhere and Getting There Fast, Bart replied in a less than meek tone, "Well, I don't really care about the message of this tape, I just like the style of music. When the Family starts making music in this style, then I'll stop listening to this music."
Bart's shepherd, who we'll call Azmaveth, took Bart's point surprisingly well. He thought to himself, "Bart's attitude may not be the greatest, but perhaps he has a point. Maybe we can produce some music in the style that he's interested in." So when the FTTs came into being, Azmaveth recorded a few songs in the style which Bart had expressed an interest in.
"Hey Bart, what do you think about these songs we did in the style you were interested in?" Azmaveth asked cheerily. "It's okay, but if you ask me they were just a COPY of the style of such-and-such a group." (Did we miss something here?)
Azmaveth walked away somewhat disappointed, but he thought to himself, "Oh well, you can't win'm all. I'll just do the best I can." And he proceeded to read a bunch of mail which had just come in for him. Here are some portions of the letters he got that day, "RAP, man, we want RAP." "It would be quite nice if we had some more Family RAP music available." "I like RAP." "This is a petition from the teens in Mozambique, it would be nice to have more RAP." "RAP iz mye faverit stile oph musyk. Aye lyke RAP."
After reading those letters and praying, Azmaveth felt what he should do next was pretty obvious -- mail a spelling book to the fellow who wrote the last letter. After doing that, he began working on recording some RAP songs.
While many people were very happy with the songs, others commented that the RAP "wasn't heavy enough," while yet others commented that it "was too heavy," and that "the rap portion ruined what was otherwise a good song."
Heh, what next? Well, some people talked to Azmaveth and said, "You know, we just really appreciate the more intricate styles of music. You know, that kind of sound like you see some bands playing in some of those movies, where they have a lot of instruments, trumpets, saxophones, trombones and all those types of things." From their clear description Azmaveth realized -- a couple weeks later -- that they must've been talking about "big band" music.
"This must be it!" Azmaveth thought to himself. When his co-workers asked him why he was going around dressed like Glen Miller, he explained that it helped him to "get in the spirit" of the music he was producing. Yep, the sound of "the big band" was bound to produce the big bang which would create a new universe of musical expression! Right? Umm, well, heh, in some places, yes, but in others, only partially.
"Arghh, listen to this," said one lady, "How terrible, this musician is making the children listen to music from the '30s."
Azmaveth felt bad and wanted to do something more '90s, so he put all of his energies into producing some songs in techno music style.
Once the techno music came out, he received several letters from some young people who had either been in the System before or had been delivered from a problem of listening to System music, who commented, "I feel that you're just copying a System style which just reminds me of the System. It would be nice if you could try to do something more original." "I really enjoyed some of your slow love songs, but this techno stuff really bothers me."
Okay, so slow love songs were now the ticket. In a sincere effort to "please all the people," Azmaveth produced a very long, romantic-style love song filled with all kinds of smooth instrumentation and vocal acrobatics.
He got many good reviews on this song, but then of course there were the dissenters.
"It's so mushy-gushy," said one person. "It's too sentimental, it makes me think about this girlfriend I once had in Barbados. I prefer hard-driving, radical rock to thinking about old girlfriends in Barbados," said another.
Finally, in a last desperate attempt, Azmaveth labored and strained at making a heavy, hard-driving rock production. When he tried recording the vocals, he realized that his voice was too smooth and not sand-graveled enough to produce the type of sound they were looking for. So he started gargling sand in the morning and evening in order to roughen up his voice a little so it really "fit the part." Finally, after two weeks of sand gargling, his voice was ready and he recorded the song.
But even after doing that it didn't satisfy everyone's likes in music and there was still criticism. So, at last, dear Azmaveth decided to leave his studio recording and go to work witnessing on the front line with his guitar in hand, singing for the sheep who lapped up the message with eager hearts.
This story has a bittersweet ending -- sweet in that he became a witnesser winning souls and reaching people with the message; bitter because we lost an inspired musician whose recordings inspired thousands of other Family members and even the sheep on the outside.
This story is fictional … let's keep it that way.
(Zine 003)

My Name Is Neo

The weight of the Evil One was on my back. His arm around my neck, choking me, As the sound of the train grew closer.
"Do you hear that Mr Soldner?" Agent Satan breathed heavily into my ear, "That is the sound of inevitability, the sound of your death."
I struggled against his grip, and a surge of strength that came not from me surged through my tired limbs. "My name," I gasped, "is NEO". I leaped up and smashed Satan into the roof of the subway.
We disconnected and I flipped backwards onto the platform, as the train ran him down. I was free again.

This is my story, this is my blog.